Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have been tagged by Jen of Barefoot*Divas

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1.) I was in the Navy for 12 years.
2.) I lived in Hawaii for 5 years, met my husband here and got married in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel.
3.) I have 2 kids (son =19 and daughter =11) they were born exactly 8 years and 1 day apart with out prior planning. They had the same due date - Valentine's Day.
4.) My son followed my footsteps and is now active duty in the Navy - I couldn't be more proud! 5. My daughter is 11 and is currently in acting school - she says she wants to be on the disney channel as an actress someday.
6.) I have lived in 7 different states in my life.
7.) I was such a complete introvert when I was growing up, and I am the complete opposite now as an adult!

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